Who Is The Best Team In The WCAC Conference?

3 years ago Comments 21 Views Jaquan Bland

The WCAC  has seen some of the best athletes in the Washington, DC area. It has been one of best conferences in the nation for many years with it’s fierce competition and notoriously rigorous national schedule.

This 2015-2016 high school basketball season has seen three teams from this conference in the Top 25 poll: St. John’s, Gonzaga and Dematha. Every year these teams face each other at least twice to battle for bragging rights in the WCAC. As of February 8th, USA Today has St. John’s College ranked at #7, Dematha ranked at #10 and Gonzaga was previously ranked at #14 but dropped out from last week with a loss to Dematha (ranked #13 at the time).

Best Team: St. John’s College High School 

As it stands St. John’s College is the BEST team in the conference. You ask why? They are the #9 team in the country (highest ranked DMV team),  they’re 13-2 in the conference (Dematha is 15-2) and they’ve beat both Dematha and Gonzaga which are the top 3 teams in the WCAC. Now, Dematha has beat St. John’s once as Gonzaga has as well. Overall, St. John’s has lost twice in the conference and to Montverde who is nationally ranked.

None of this matters though. This is one of those conferences in which any of the top teams could take it. The WCAC conference playoffs begin tonight. With each of the top three teams have beaten each other it’s not safe to say who the clear winner will be. The DMV will find out come Sunday evening.

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