VIDEO: Samuel L. Jackson Wants To Know Where Will Josh Jackson Commit

3 years ago Comments 128 Views Jaquan Bland

Josh Jackson is the highest ranked recruit in the 2016 class who’s yet to announce what college he’ll be attending next year.  His final list of schools are: Michigan State, Kansas, Arizona, UNLV and Maryland.  Ask him which school he’s leaning towards and he’ll tell you he’s not really leaning towards any particular school.  His high school coach has said he doesn’t really talk about recruiting much.  For a player of his caliber and the amount of pressure he must be receiving, it would have to be unbearable for his age, wouldn’t you think? Well, with a mom that also serves as his AAU coach you can imagine why he’s so level-headed and grounded.

Without much to feed off from Josh, let me pick your brain. Where do you think he’d be the better fit? Is there any particular school on his list you’d like to see him play at more than the rest? Where do you think he’ll end up and why? We’d love to hear from you and your thoughts on things. No matter where he ends up the one thing we can all agree on is that he’ll instantly make an impact.

Furthermore, it won’t be long before we see him play professional ball. When draft time comes around we’ll be back at square one, wondering which NBA team could benefit the most from this potential one-and-done 5-star high school star.

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