Two Brothers Will Face Off in Tonight’s National Championship Game

3 years ago Comments 242 Views Jaquan Bland

You may or may not know the significance of tonight’s National Championship but it will be an epic game for DC’s Gonzaga High School. Former Gonzaga teammates and brothers Nate Britt (UNC) and Kris Jenkins (Villanova) will be going up against each other. They don’t hail from Philly but it’s all brotherly love when it comes to these two. Known for being a mean one-two punch in the WCAC conference, they’ll both pack a punch of their own as they each look to win the National Championship. Both Britt and Jenkins had something to say about the importance of the game tonight.

“This right here is permanent bragging rights for the rest of our lives,” Britt said, a gleam in his eyes. “If we ever get into an argument or anything we can look at this game, whoever wins. Like I said, it’s permanent bragging rights, and there’s not a better place to be playing him than here.” – Nate Britt

Britt and Jenkins are used to talking daily but they haven’t spoken since before the Final Four games and they don’t plan to until they see each other on the court. They’re trying to treat this as much like a normal game as possible yet this is probably the biggest game of their basketball careers to date.

“There’s nobody I want to beat more than my brother.” – Kris Jenkins

Which brother will take the bragging rights for the rest of their life? Will the crafty left hand point guard Britt be able to will a hot UNC team to victory? Or will the sharp shooting forward be smooth from beyond the arc and shock the #1 team in the tourney? Either way Coach Steve Turner and DC come out on top.

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