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Devon Saddler has had a great collegiate basketball career. For those who didn't know who he was he did his best to put his name on the NCAA basketball map. He finished his career as a two time All-CAA First Team player who would lead his team to a league Championship after beating William and Mary. In case you didn't know,  the point guard from Aberdeen, MD has a knack for scoring. He lead the league (CAA) in scoring his senior year (just under 20 points a game) and finished as University of Delaware's all time leading scorer. We checked in with him earlier this week to see what life is like after University of Delaware.

Courtcred: What do you think was one of the toughest challenges you've had this year?

Devon Saddler: When my teammates Marvin and Jarvis went out we had three freshman playing. I had to step up as a leader. I had to make sure everybody was getting the ball, I walked the younger guys through on the offensive and defensive end, and gave advice during the games more than often.

Courtcred: If you had to sum up your game what would you say about it?

Devon Saddler: It was a great experience at University of Delaware having an opportunity to play on a full scholarship for four years. I think we had a winning program once I got there. I finally won a championship my last year.

Courtcred: Right, and congratulations on that. Now that your college career has come to a close what's next in basketball for you?

Devon Saddler: Any level I can play professional basketball is the goal. I have a workout with the Golden State Warriors coming up on June 13th. I'm trying to get a job out here like the rest of the guys. So, maybe I'll go overseas for a year and come back. But, the ultimate goal is to play in the NBA.

Courtcred: What do you think you can bring to an NBA team

Devon Saddler: My energy and my passion to the team. Also, being the guy who does a little bit of everything. In the NBA there are a lot of athletic guys with freak of nature athleticism. I wouldn't be the most athletic but I can bring a lot with my offensive/defensive ability. I can bring both sides of the game to them.

Courtcred: Who do you have in your life (or whom you've come across) that has given you advice on what NBA teams are looking for?

Devon Saddler: My father. He always tells me what guys say because he stays on the phone with people. Mr. Weasel, from Baltimore, he helps me out. Don Caldwell, my old trainer, as well. I take a lot of constructive criticism. I think it helps out because in tough games it comes out on the court.

Courtcred: You come from a family of brothers who play ball. What's the best advice you can give to your brothers, especially Tevon Saddler who has one year of college ball under his belt.

Devon Saddler: Never get satisfied. Always stay hungry. There are people who are probaby in the gym right now (11pm). When you're satisfied you feel like you haven't accomplished much and you can't reach your full potential. Be hungrier than the next guy. Hard work is beating talent in todays work. Don't feel like you can stop working. You can always be doing something to get better. You can watch film at home, be in the gym, in the weightroom, eating right. It's so many things you can do to get better that are outside of the gym.

Courtcred: What do you consider eating right? What would you say contributes to eating right or IS eating right?

Devon Saddler: A lot of kids can't afford to eat right. The bad food is the cheap food. But eating stuff like spinach, salads and drinking a lot of water. When I was younger I ate a lot of McDonalds and stuff like that so I wasn't taking care of my body. When I got to school the dining halls offered different options that I could take advantage of. I even began to eat more fruit.

We look forward to seeing what basketball holds in store for Saddler as he embarks on a journey that many young men can only dream of. If there is a job to interview for Devon Saddler has definitely earned "courtcred" by what he has done at the University of Delaware. The new chapter awaits. Stay tuned and GOOD LUCK with your workout with the Warriors!!!!


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