New Rules On The Horizon

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The NCAA Leadership Council will meet this coming Tuesday October 27th to discuss and put in place new rules regarding recruiting and changes to the recruiting calendar.

New Rules Up For Consideration

  • Coaches are asking for the ability to host Juniors on official visits after January 1st of a players Junior season
  • Coaches want to be allowed to attend travel team events in the spring during the month of April

  • Coaches are seeking to reduce the number of recruiting days in July from 20, by holding a couple of four day recruiting periods during the month
  • Schools may start to pay for two guardians to accompany recruits on their official visits

  • College coaches are looking to have unlimited contact with recruits after June 15th of their sophomore year in high school.  Coaches would like to be able to interact with Juniors just as they do Seniors throughout the year during contact periods.

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