It’s no secret the water crisis that’s going on in Flint, Michigan. It has made national news and angered many across the nation. No one is more upset or frustrated by it then those who inhabit the city. Those who have moved away feel just as passionate about it as well. Miles Bridges, Huntington Prep’s 5-star small forward, is among those passionate about his city.

Miles Bridges has served as a leader by teaming up with his mom back home in Flint to start a water drive. Any money donated will be sent to Flint to Miles’ mom who will give it to a local church or any group donating to aid those in need of clean water. If you check the twitter of the recently selected McDonalds All American player you’ll see him soliciting any and everybody who can to donate towards the cause.

Meek Mill was one of those whom he solicited. He in turn challenged rapper 50 cent to match his donation. Detroit rapper Big Sean was feeling “way up” and “blessed” and donated $10,000 towards the cause.

Miles Bridges isn’t the only one in the high school basketball community making contributions and feeling the pain in this water crisis. According to The Detroit News, 12 schools in the Flint area have been affected. Student athletes can’t use the water fountains in their schools. Many don’t feel safe bathing in the locker room after games either, although some have chosen to do so. Right now the teams there have been surviving off of donated cases of water from across the country. According to Northwestern High School’s athletic director, Michael Thompson, the team goes through 12 cases of water.

We’re praying for the city of Flint, hoping that they can get some relief and fast. Can you imagine if YOUR city or cities across America going through this. Shout out to Miles Bridges for taking a stand for his city while being a 5-star athlete miles away from home in West Virginia.

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