Michael Jordan Waited Tables To Earn A Slot In Five Star Basketball Camp

4 years ago Comments 137 Views ccooper

Five Star Basketball founder Howard Garfinkel talks with Jason Curry of Big Apple Basketball about how MJ ended up at Five Star camp after Roy Williams called in a favor.  Williams, an assistant for the legendary coach Dean Smith, called Garfinkel and asked him could a kid named Mike Jordan attend your most competitive camp.  “We’re not quite sure, we think he is great but don’t know how great he is,” said Roy.

Garfinkel put in a call to get MJ in the Pitt Session 2 camp at Robert Morris but there was a hiccup at first.  The camp was sold out and they were 10 over.  Fortunately, Five Star had a waiting program called “The Waiters” where campers would wait tables to earn there slot in the camp as a camp worker.  So Michael Jordan earned his keep by waiting tables just to participate in Five Star Basketball Camp!

This is the epitome of HUMBLE and HUNGRY.

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