Only 8 teams will get a chance to play in the Dick’s Sporting Goods High School Nationals at the end of the month. API has been on social media campaign for a little while now. Over the weekend API got some support in their #APItoDicksNationals media campaign from none other than rapper Lil Wayne.

If you don’t know by now Lil Wayne loves basketball. He’s frequently sitting court side at Miami Heat games. Apparently, he’s taking a liking to API and their style of play. Lil Wayne has over 26 million followers on Twitter so it will be interesting to see if social media will have an impact on what the judges say. The Super 25 rankings are used to help determine the teams for DICK’S Nationals, but that is not the final word.

This will be a bit of an uphill battle for API. They opened the season ranked No. 4 overall in the Super 25, but fell out early and aren’t currently ranked with seven losses. They started the season a little rocky but have since got it together winning 19 straights. They have three players ranked Top 15 in their respective classes. They’ll be playing for a state title in Texas next weekend. They’ll AT LEAST need to win it to be considered for the games in NYC.

I think API is one of the most exciting teams in the nation. I, like Lil Wayne, would love to see them compete for BEST team in the nation. What are your thoughts. Have you sent out a tweet with the hashtag #APItoDicksNationals? Do you think they should play in this tournament?

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