Lebron James is doing a wonderful thing for the city of Akron. Kids, with challenging backgrounds like his, are being given the opportunity to go to college for free through his “I Promise” program. James has teamed up with the University of Akron to provide a guaranteed 4 year scholarship. The scholarship will cover tuition and the general service fee at University of Akron. 
The criteria for the scholarship is still being mapped out. However, these are some of the requirements that must be established; 

  1. Must graduate high school within Akron’s public school system 
  2. Achieve standard testing requirements 
  3. Must fulfill a community service obligation 

Considering that James didn’t go to college as he jumped straight to the NBA from high school commented on inner city conditions. “It means so much because, as a kid growing up in the inner city and a lot of African-American kids, you don’t really think past high school You don’t really know your future. You hear high school all the time, and you graduate high school and then you never think past that because either it’s not possible or your family’s not financially stable to even be able to support a kid going to college.” 
This has come at a great time as the school and the city of Akron which announced $40 million in widespread cuts – including the loss of the baseball team – this summer due to financial troubles. The school said this in relation to the program. “This is a program that focuses on the local area. This is a program that rewards earning your way into college. I think LeBron’s philosophy is that things are earned not given and that aligns well with our emphasis on experience and learning and career service and education.”

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