Khavon Moore Highlights “Check My Stats” Monday

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Check My Stats: Week of 1/16-1/22

Jan. 17: Trae Young, PG, 2017, Norman North (OK): 48 points, 3 steals in an 86-54 win over Deer Creek (OK).

Jan. 20: LiAngelo Ball, SG, 2017, Chino Hills (CA):  60 points in a 136-93 win over Los Osos (CA).

Jan. 20: Trent Frazier, PG, 2017, Wellington (FL): 51 points in a 96-66 win over Seminole Ridge (FL).

Jan. 20: Zion Williamson, PF, 2018, Spartanburg Day (SC): 48 points (scored 2000th career point) in a 78-39 win over Oakbrook Prep (SC).

Jan. 20: Khavon Moore, SF, 2018, Westside (GA):  53 points, 14 rebounds, 5 assists, 5 blocks, 4 steals in a 104-58 win over Kendrick (GA). (Highlights)

Honorable Mention

Jan. 20: Jalek Felton, SG, 2017, Gray Collegiate (SC): 41 points, 13 rebounds, 5 assists in a 90-17 win over Johnson (SC).

Jan. 20: Trae Young, PG, 2017, Norman North (OK): 44 points in an 80-77 loss to Stillwater (OK).

Jan. 21: Coby White, PG, 2018, Greenfield (NC): 42 points in an 81-64 loss to The Burlington School (NC).

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