Jaxon Williams, Like Father Like Son

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http://oceanadesigns.net/envira/rojo-alicante/ Remember Jason Williams, aka White Chocolate? White guy with handles for days who used to play for the Kings with C-Webb and ended up winning a chip with Shaq and D-Wade down in Miami. If that’s not enough to remember him by he’s started building his legacy in other ways. Jason Williams has a son who just turned 13 years old. At the tender age of 13 he’s already being nick named “White Chocolate Jr.” The same crossover moves, flashy passes and sick handles that you could count on from dad you’ll see from son.

Much like his father Jason, Jaxon will aggressively go at kids and use his handles to get by them. He isn’t afraid to pass the ball to teammates or hit the open jumper should you leave him open.

Will he be the protege of his father and be the second coming of “White Chocolate” or will the hype die down? One can never tell but do keep your ears tuned to the basketball streets and your eyes open for any other mix tapes to come. I know I will. In the meantime check out this one of the 13 year old https://youtu.be/Mtgr3OJuEf8

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