Jacksonville Sophomore Dominates Florida Event

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There had been a light buzz about a 6'10 kid walking around Jacksonville, but only a few had seen him run up and down the court.  Even today as we were entering the gymnasium at Oak Ride High School in Orlando, Florida for the Each1 Teach1 "Best of The Best" Showcase we had the conversation about this mystery big guy with a well known and respected basketball mind.  As I placed my hand on the knob to open the door there was a loud boom.  I enter to see 6'10 Udika Azubukie(Potters House/FL) hanging from the rim.  As the day went on everyone in the building would witness this same sight about 30 more time…no really, 30 more times.

Azubukie was just a dominating force all day long.  There was no one there that could match his size or his ridiculous athleticism at 6'10.  When he rose up to to attack you could see his elbows high above the rim each and every time before he threw down a ferocious dunk.  Originally from Nigeria, Azubukie has the body that strength and conditioning coaches would line up to develop.  Did I mention that Azubukie was a sophomore??  A true post player, the young big has yet to understand the game or the position, but his raw is what makes your eyes light up when you see him.  Everything he did offensively was right at the rim where a big guy should certainly thrive.  Azubukie did show that he hand some hand eye coordination as he was able to take the ball the length of the floor more than once and he used his mitts to reel in every pass thrown his way.  He definitely has his drop step down, also had the presence to step through the double teams a few times for scores right at the rim.

Since he was the biggest player on the floor he would often be matched up with a player that preferred to float on the perimeter.  When guarding players on the wing he stepped up to guard the ball, stretching his arms out making it look nearly impossible to go around him.  Often players attempted to hoist up long shots instead of going around him, but Azubukie's good reaction time allowed him to contest and come up with a handful of blocked three point attempts.  Right now Azubukie is playing with shear will and brute strength, but there is plenty of time for him to develop his foot work and offensive repertoire.  When you look at the top of the 2016 class there is know one that can match his size and strength right now.  Division one schools that have been through Potters House recently have already offered, schools Iowa State, Murray State, and Mississippi State.  Look for every school that passes through to leave an offer on the table for this promising big guy.

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