Iowa Team Manager With Cerebral Palsy Scores 8 Points on Senior Night

3 years ago Comments 92 Views Jaquan Bland

I think it’s safe to say that we take for granted the many blessings bestowed upon us. Often times when we see those with disadvantages we don’t realize that those same people look forward to the things we get everyday. Something as simple as being able to take part in sports is a minor thing but Dakota Reason, West Fork (Iowa) team manager, got a shot and made the most out of it. What’s so special about this opportunity for Dakota Reason though?

He has cerebral palsy. Dakota Reason’s parents are the first to testify that he wasn’t supposed to live past the first day of kindergarten. It was further proof that miracles do happen when his parents discovered that he could walk but would never speak.

He wouldn’t need to speak to drop buckets on Tuesday night. He would go on to score 8 points. The Mason City Globe Gazette reported this story and it not only shows how touching of a story it is for Dakota but also what we can learn from being given an opportunity. Reason attends a school for special needs children but was given the chance to participate in basketball as a team manager for West Fork (Iowa). Furthermore, he has a “started from the bottom” story that takes him from special needs to team manager to team player. How cool is that?

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