Hall of Famer Gary Payton Trash Talks Josh Jackson

3 years ago Comments 260 Views Jaquan Bland

What do  Gary Payton and Josh Jackson have in common? First and foremost, they BOTH like to talk trash. Gary Payton is known for running his trap. One of the best to ever play the game AND run his mouth, he’s also been known to back it up during his NBA days. Payton sat court side as his son Julian Payton played against the top prep school player in the country. Julian Payton plays for Phoenix Hillcrest Academy and went head-to-head with Prolific Prep’s Josh Jackson. Could Josh Jackson back up his trash talking like the all time great Payton?

It all started when Jackson stared at Payton and screamed in excitement after he hit a 3-pointer near him in the second half of the close game. Jackson then told Payton “you better tell them to stop talking to me,” speaking of Hillcrest. Towards the end of the game Jackson came up with a monster block on Julian Payton’s layup that ended up out of bounds. Jackson then turned and stared at Gary Payton. Payton couldn’t help himself from clapping, laying out loud and said “that’s funny.”

After the game when Gary Payton was asked about Josh Jackson this is what he had to say. “Who? Number 11? He cool, man. He has a lot of dog in him. He has to work on his right hand. Kids nowadays in that situation are not coached how they should be coached to learn the game. When he got into it with me, his whole game went to [expletive] to me. He didn’t score. He didn’t do anything. He got to concentrate. That’s what kids got to understand, you’re not there yet. What makes a game is defined by what you do. Then you’re paying attention to me? Most kids can’t play that way.” He then added “he’s a good talent and he’s going to be a great basketball player.”

Jackson, and his Prolific Prep squad, would pull it out with a late rally 77-72. Jackson would end the game with 22 points, 11 rebounds, 6 assists, 2 steals and 3 blocks.

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