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6'10 junior beast Harry Giles(Wesleyan, NC) let the world know via twitter that he has narrowed down his list of colleges to eight schools.  Duke, UNC, Ohio State, Syracuse, Kansas, Kentucky, Wake Forest, and UNLV all made the cut in no particular order. 

Giles is a can't miss prospect who has come back with a bang from a knee injury that caused him to miss his entire sophomore season.  The power forward seems to have gained his mobility back along with sharpening up his range from the perimeter.  The young big man is a joy to watch as he effects the game in many ways from scoring to his ability to deliver timely passes from basically anywhere on the floor.  Giles competes on both sides of the ball, he serves as the anchor for his teams defense by being a vocal leader who focuses on winning and not self.

Giles is arguably the best player in the class of 2016, as he can be found in the one or two spot basically on any ranking list you encounter.  Download The Ranks app, list and comment on where you think Giles fits in the class.

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