Five 2014 McDonald’s All Americans That Made An Impact In Their NBA Debuts

4 years ago Comments 5 Views Jaquan Bland

[tps_header]NBA Opening Week has lived up to the hype. Of course, most of the games were dominated by the veterans but real grassroots fans know this was the first time to get a look at the “One-and-Dones” from the 2014 high school class.
Some rookies struggled and some did very well, here are five 2014 McDonald’s All Americans who showed-out in their NBA debuts.[/tps_header]

Emmanuel Mudiay- Denver Nuggets

 The 19 year-old point guard would go on to drop 17 points and dish 9 assists. He will have to work on his turnovers as he had 11 but showed patience and good court vision. His shooting has improved as he hit 3-5 from beyond the arc. He’s 6-5 and very wet behind the ears but if his frame fills out and he’s able to learn from veteran guard Jameer Nelson, he can develop into a pretty solid point guard for the Nuggets.

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