Doctors Told Michigan State Recruit He Would Never Play Again

3 years ago Comments 1,713 Views ccooper

Michigan State commit Josh Langford did not let a diagnosis of bacterial meningitis set him back when his doctor broke the news to him at 12 years old.  The McDonald’s All-American and four-time state Class 3A Player of the Year in Alabama was determined to conquer all odds against him with his faith.

Langford told USA Today

That affected my life a lot — just going through it at 12 years old,” he said. “I could have been dead the next day. It helped me again put things in perspective and and mature and understand what was really important. That was God and his healing. It made me do the best I can for Christ.

At 6’5, Langford is a terrific playmaker that will be an immediate impact for the Spartans next season.

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