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Sunday wrapped up the 2012 Buckeye Prep Showcase with non stop team play giving coaches an opportunity to evaluate players before they make the all star teams.  Ohio is widely regarded as a football state but it is clear after watching these kids there are loads of young talent on the hardwood as well.  Below is the list of players who made the All Court Cred team during team play.  Great job done by the founder Rob Taylor for putting together a quality event.  

9th grade

Trevell Beck – 6'4 WF with tons of athleticism.  Beck looked dominant at times displaying an array of jumpers, dunks and highlight reel like plays.

Keith Griffin – 5'9 PG that played the toughest out of any kid in camp.  Griffin was easily the fiercest on the ball defensive competitor out of all the guards.  He will get into you full court on defense as well as he leads the way on offense.  Didn't make too many mistakes.  Solid ballhandler and rim attacker for his size.

Omari Spellman – 6'6 PF/C raw big man with great hands.  He's the type of kid you look at four years from now and say wow, he will be one of the best big men in the country if he keeps working.  Already bigger and stronger than most kids older than him, Spellman has a chance to be special.  He defends, he rebounds, he blocks shots.  Most big kids nowadays don't.  

Seth Towns – 6'6 WF silky smooth scorer that can light it up from the wing, midrange or inside. 

DJ Tyree – 5'6 PG with solid handles.  Feisty combo guard in the mold of Delonte West. 

10th -12th grade

Carlton Braggs – 6'8 C was definitely a threat on defense and one of the best athletes.  He displayed great weak side and strong side blocking ability.  A better defender at this stage than scorer.  

Esa Ahmad – 6'8 WF/PF with a high ceiling.  Comfortable playing inside or out, Esa has unique ball handling skill set.  Has point forward written all over him.  Needs to work on his playmaking.

MaCio Teague – 6'2 SG was easily the best scorer in the league.  There was not a shot he could not take or make. 

Javon Bess – 6'5 WF with great athleticism.  Bess has a slasher mentality and attacks the rim with force.

Kipper Nichols – 6'4 WF with a sweet stroke.  Kipper was arguably the best athlete in camp.

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