This year coaches have been under a microscope like none other in sports. Football teams as of last week had 7 openings because they rid their head coaches of their jobs. In the NBA this year Avery Johnson is the second head coach, after Mike Brown, to get the ax. Although I thought it was unfair for both of the coaches, I guess we need to look at the results in the situation. The Nets put P.J. Carlesimo as head man in charge and have reaped the rewards from their decision. The Nets are 9-1 overral since he took over (23-15) and are currently riding a 7 game winning streak. They have gotten consistent play from their point guard Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson.

They look to extend the streak tonight against Joe Johnson's former Hawk team. On the bright spot the Hawks are currently on a 2 game losing streak (21-16) and are without leading scorer Josh Smith due to suspension. The Nets are however without Gerald Wallace for the second game straight.

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