Andrew Harrison’s Emotional Response

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Addressing the media is often times similar to being on trial in a court of law. We've seen a number of incidents this year alone where athletes in different sports have felt this very way. Questions are thrown at athletes drilling them about subpar performances by people who've never played the sport. Confrontational questions are asked not just for news purposes but also to spark controversy so that we all can sit back and watch it unfold like a soap opera.

After Kentucky lost to Wisconsin Saturday night the team addressed the media. Andrew Harrison apparently forgot his mic was on. While a question was directed to Karl Anthony Towns about Wisconsin forward Frank Kaminsky he said "f*%# that n*^#%."

What does this mean? Are we looking at a deep racial concern or just a young athlete who got too emotional after a tough loss? Kaminsky has blown it off and kept it moving as he's got bigger things to worry about tonight. Should we blow it off or not may not be the question. Andrew made amends with Kaminsky after reaching out to him after personally apologizing to him.

Will it hurt the chances for the combo guard when it comes time for the NBA Draft? Only time will tell but I leave all young athletes coming up with this There is nothing honorable about what was said. He didn't "keep it 100" or do what any "real brother" would've said. Instead he jeopardized his future and made himself look like a fool in front of millions of people. As coach Bo Ryan said "In this day and age, it always reminds all of us that whatever we say can and will be heard, it seems," Ryan said. "The teaching moment is the individual himself learned from it obviously by reaching out to Frank, so we'll leave it at that."

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