5 Reasons Why Robert Bobroczky Is The Next International Star

3 years ago Comments 88 Views Jaquan Bland

Italy’s 16U basketball academy (Stella Azzurra) has a 15-year old star that may be at the head of college recruiting in just a few short years. Wait, he may even be heavily recruited by NBA teams sooner than you think. They say you can’t teach height and at 7’6 he’ll stand over many of his opponents. Mind you, he’s ONLY 15. Here’s a few reasons why I think he’ll be a big deal sooner than later.

1. You can’t teach height.

Height is height. It’s the one thing like speed that can’t really be taught. College coaches and NBA execs may wish their star or franchise player was a few more inches taller. If you can take the 15-year old and hone his skills you’d be teaching him the game NOT his center to gravity.

2. International ball is no longer a secret.

Do you remember how many New York Knicks fans booed Kristaps Porzingis when he was drafted.  He’s 7’3, athletic and only 20-years old and is averaging 11.6 points a game along with 9 boards. Have you seen the clips of him posterizing big men off the miss because they aren’t boxing out his agile body. I don’t remember any clips on him when he was 15 but if his development started at 15 like Robert’s, the league will have something to worry about.

3. He keeps the ball high once it hits his hands. 

View the clip again and see that he keeps the ball high EVERY time he gets it. He’s smart. He knows he isn’t the fastest player on the court but he’s the tallest. Keep the ball out of harms way and they’ll never be able to take it away from you. He either turns and shoots it, shoots over the top or passes to the open man. That’s a technique you often wish many young big men would pay closer attention to. Right coaches? 

4. He’s a great passer.

If you view the clip you’ll see that while so much attention was paid to him he was able to find the cutter going to the basket and dish it off for the easy bucket.  European big men tend to be a lot less selfish than American made bigs.

5. He’s only 15. 

This only means he’s got time to develop. Somebody will take the time to develop him and put him in the best position to be a NBA pro.

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