Super 16 Full Of Talent Once Again

Last years RCS Sports Super 16 brought high school teams together for some fall action and boasted names like Rasheed Sulaimon(Duke), Josh Gray(Tx. Tech), John Gillon(Arkansas Little Rock), and Damyean Dotson(Oregon).  This years fall tournament in Houston, Texas had a big mix of talent all across the board  in every class.  coaches if you haven't already dialed in to the area you might want to pick up your phones.

Pearland High 2012 Super 16 Champs

The Pearland wing trio of 6'8 Sr. Cameron Reynolds, 6'7 Sr. Jay Hedgeman, and 6'4 Jr. Devon Begley was clicking on all cylinders as they combined for all but eleven of the teams points as they slid passed Episcopal 62-57 to capture the Super 16 Extravaganza.  Reynolds had the hot hand coming into the game after putting 30 points against Wheatley courtesy of some nice long range shooting, but it was the junior Begley that put together four possessions that changed the outcome of the game.  Episcopal was in the game the entire way, but when their leader and point man Ken Williams Jr. went down with cramps the offense took a little stall.  Williams lead Episcopal in scoring finishing the game with 15 points.

Floor General Packs A Punch

Early in the Spring I watched 5'9 sophomore point guard Jordan Hunter(Beaumont Ozen) with his Houston Hoops AAU team where he did all the right things and put his teammates in all the right places.  The physical and well built guard was very vocal, playing with pace to his game and showing the ability to finish in traffic.  Over the weekend the rough and tumble guard showed his other side, the scoring side.  Hunter averaged 24 points over three games, scoring very efficiently using quick moves to create space when he wasn't racing pass people in the open court.  Hunter knows how to use his body to shield off defenders when attacking the basket and the way he can stop on a dime just leaves defenders helpless.  His Highs school team is really young as they have no seniors right now so a lot of the burden falls on Hunter's shoulders.  The scoring ability that Hunter showed over the weekend makes the pass first point guard more complete and could definitely help propel him up a level when it comes to recruiting.

Weekend Standouts

Wesley Iwundu 6'6 Sr. SF Westfield HS(Committed to Kansas St.)
Iwundu did his best Scottie Pippen impression as he defended the opposing teams best player and held down a lot of the responsibilities concerning the teams half court offense.  In crunch time he demanded the ball, when he got it he produced by making plays at the rim and getting to the free throw line.  Kansas St. is getting a versatile player that will be used in a multitude of different looks all over court.

Justin Jackson 6'8 Jr. SG HYCA
One of the country's top guards, Jackson remains on the thin side, but has officially hit the 6'8 mark.  One of the best players to ever work the baseline, Jackson really does have a complete game.  His quick release coupled with his size at the guard position allowed him to shoot smoothly off screens, his long limbs and good ball handling kept him in the lane where he has showed great touch when shooting floaters.  He was unguardable all weekend, great movement without the ball also helped out his teammates as he pulled all the attention his way opening up gaps in the lane.

Justin Beverly 6'6 Sr. F Clear Springs HS
This guy plays like an enforcer despite his size and even though he is listed as a power forward Beverly can step out and go by guards or catch and shoot the three.  Built like a tight end, he's very physical under the boards as he averaged double figure rebounds last season.  On the block Beverly showed both back to the basket moves and a face up game where he was good at kicking out to the wing once he found himself to deep in the paint.  The senior is being recruited by Southland Conference schools and will open eyes if given the chance.

Josh Friar 6'8 Sr. C Kingwood HS(Committed to North Texas)
The big fella was steady all Saturday long as he sent some kids home hurting with the way he threw his body around.  So far this fall I would consider Friar being the best when it comes to establishing deep post position and sealing his man when following the ball as it it swung around the key.  Good hands and light feet are a must in a post player, both are traits that you can find in Friar's game.  Look for North Texas to put him through the ringer early next season.

Melvin Swift 6'8 Jr. PF Yates HS
The most exciting player in the building never disappointed when it came to giving the crowd and camera a highlight reel dunk.  Schools that press should be very interested in Swift who Yates coach Greg Wise keeps at the top of the press where he can cause confusion and panic with his high energy.  Swift is now beginning to look to take people off the dribble from around 17ft and he can shoot an open jumper, but it is interesting to think what his game would look like when taken out of the frantic pace of Yates basketball.

Adrien Lawson 6'1 Fr. PG Bryan HS
Lawson showed a little glimpse of the future playing basically the entire game for his team.  There are a lot of holes in his game right now, but that's the joy in watching players develop.  Lawson was really good at accelerating after a crossover or between the legs dribble, with long strides he doesn't have to pound the ball to get into the paint.  He has extremely long arms and he needs to use that to his advantage more.  Once he learns the concept of help defense he should be a whiz at coming up with deflections and picking off passes.

Sadiq Ochu 6'6 Jr. PF Yates HS
This beast played through hard fouls and double downs every game and he didn't let it effect him.  The strong and powerful Iwunu rebounded and scored in the paint while manning the middle on defensive end.  With the high school association stating that his records make him a junior, it could get interesting when it comes to his development with this extra year of high school he's been granted.  The undersized power forward can rim run and fill the lanes with the best of them, he also has a motor that is no stop and plays the game with no complaints.

Robert Hatter IV 6'0 Sr. PG Westside HS
Coming off a summer where he surprised many people by competing at a high level the lefty must now step up and lead his high school team.  The lefty loves to push the tempo and can slide over and play off the ball where he likes to fire away from the corners.  Defensively he is capable of guarding the ball full court understanding how to constantly turn the ball handler. The uncommitted  seniors has the grades and is looking to go Ivy League.

**State runner up Yates should once again be a force this season with a front court of 6'8 Melvin Swift, 6'6 Sadiq Ochu, and 6'6 JC Washington.  The glue to this years team is senior guard Darrien Martin who will have to keep things together along with junior DJ Lewis and sophomore Jojo Anderson.

**6'4 Jordan Tanner(Westfield HS) showed up with little fan fare, but after a couple of dunks through the lane he started to appear on some notepads.  He is playing along side of two other DI wings and he shares similar traits while being the most athletic of the bunch.

**Nigal Pearson(Beaumont Central) is a 6'4 freshman that has the look of a top prospect.  He stepped up to the plate as his young team knocked Yates out of bracket play.



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