Ice Breaker Day 2: Austin Big Man Shows His Stuff

After viewing several teams and watching a host of players the most obvious thing was that all the action the event has lacked a quality big man. There have been some wings with great size and some polished under size forwards, but that traditional bruiser that demands the ball was missing from the mix. Enter Dominic Woodson

Woodson, who hails from Austin, Texas, but attends Vermont Academy suited up this afternoon and proved to be the best low post player here this weekend. The 6'9 270lb power forward made his presence felt on the glass first where he tracked down rebounds out of his area and wrestled them away from others after they would come down with them. His team faced a lot of zone, so he planted himself in the high post area where he showed his soft touch consistently knocking down that free throw line jumper.

Woodson has a good pair of mits that swallowed passes and came in handy when chasing down loose balls. No one on the floor could match his size, but he scored mostly facing up. When he carves out room on the block he like to go over the left shoulder with a nice jump hook. Woodson proved he can put the ball on the deck some and he passes well enough to handle the pressure in the form of double teams that is thrown at him. He's talented and has improved over time. Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan St., and Kansas certainly think so.

Unsigned Seniors

The Spring Ice Breaker has a couple of different divisions besides the normal age groups that travel teams participate in. There is a girls division, a division where high school teams compete against each other, and a division for those unsigned seniors who are looking to impress a coach and earn a scholarship.

Fred Richardson 6'3 SF Clearbrook HS(TX)
Richardson was one of the kids that a lot of the coaches flocked in to see. In a setting like this where everybody is out for self, it was tough to get a full evaluation on the wing. Richardson didn't hold the ball when he caught it, he swung it around, moved without the ball. He relies heavy on his jump shot and he knows how to create space for himself. Made a couple of shots easier for himself using jabs and a couple of dribbles to get a foot in the paint.

Edward Alande 6'10 PF Kempner HS(TX)
There's not many players that are walking around standing at 6'10 who aren't signed right now. Alande is a raw talent that coaches will enjoy developing and bulking up. Right now he gets his buckets right at the rim, I counted him for 8 dunks in his game yesterday along with 6 blocks. Holy Cross and Navy have shown interest recently.

Jarriad Littleton 6'2 SG Dawson HS(TX)
More of a player than someone you can tab with a position. An athlete that can get out and fill the lanes where he can finish above the rim. Defensively he was good on the ball and covered a lot of ground on occasion to challenge players at the rim.

Young Pups

I started off the day watching a couple of 15U games and I liked what I saw. From what I gathered there is a good mixture of kids with size and skill.

Jordan Hunter 5'7 Fr. PG Beaumont Ozen(TX)
Built rock solid, Hunters game is similar to that of South Carolina guard Bruce Ellington when he was in high school. Speedy while possessing the ability to control the flow of the game without taking a shot. The pg kept everybody on the team happy with the way he distributed the ball, changing speeds to blow by defenders only to dump it off to teammates for easy buckets. He's strong enough to shoot it from 25ft with ease and he did so running off screens.

Dorian Chatman 6'6 Fr. F PA Memorial(TX)
Long and active, has the makings to evolve into a very solid power forward as he continues to grow. Didn't see him shoot it, but his stroke at the charity stripe was good and consistent. Did a good job at running the floor after throwing good outlet passes.

CJ Simmons 6'2 Fr. Westbury Christian(TX)
Really enjoyed watching Simmons play. He has an array of shots of the dribble and a thin wiry frame that is built for slashing. On the defensively he played the passing lanes well with limited gambling.



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