High school prospect opted for a prep year in Spain rather than US

Khadeem Lattin has done what no high schooler has done before and that was to opt a year of US high school basketball to play at a prep school in Spain.  Lattin told SI, "I figured [Canarias] would be an experience that would take me to a new level in life and basketball."  A decision that he thought his closes friends and family would support ended up being something that everyone frowned upon.  John Lucas felt he'd be better off developing stateside, his grandfather who played on Texas Western's trailblazing 1966 national championship team saw no benefit from it, and local high school and AAU coaches questioned it. 

Before Lattin left abroad last year he was ranked No. 21 in his class by ESPN.  Shortly after ESPN completely removed his name from their rankings.  "I woke up one day in Spain, went online to look at the rankings, and it was like they forgot about me," Khadeem Lattin told SI.  

When Lattin was given a chance to rejoin his former travel team [Houston Select] this spring, he jumped at the opportunity because he wanted to get his name back out there.  From the look of things it doesn't seem like Lattin will be heading back to Canarias Basketball Academy after he left the team before their playoffs in Spain.  "I think Khadeem is mature enough after this to realize that he has everything he needs right here at home," John Lucas said.



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